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What is a "Registered Psychologist"?

The designation of "registered psychologist" is authorized by Section 2909.5 of the California Business & Professions Code. The registered psychologist designation is intended to be a method by which an unlicensed person can perform limited psychological functions to accrue hours of supervised professional experience. In order for an unlicensed person to perform psychological functions at a non-profit community agency he or she must be approved as a registered psychologist by the Board.

To become a registered psychologist, one must possess a doctoral degree which qualifies for licensure as a psychologist and have accrued at least 1500 hours of qualifying supervised professional experience.

In order for a nonprofit community agency to qualify as an employer of a registered psychologist, it must verify that its funding includes a minimum of 25% from governmental sources other than Medi-Cal/Medi-Care. Registered psychologists shall at all times be under the primary supervision of a qualified licensed psychologist who is employed by the same non-profit community agency.

The registered psychologist is a two and a half-year, nonrenewable registration. A person may be registered concurrently as a registered psychologist at more than one qualifying nonprofit community agency.