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Request for Accommodation Based on Disability

A candidate who requires accommodation(s) on an exam must provide proof of their disability. The Board recommends the completion of the Request for Accommodation form which is available on the Board’s website at https://www.psychology.ca.gov/forms_pubs/adaform.pdf

Things to consider when submitting an accommodation:

  1. Exam Accommodations can only be processed if the applicant has applied to the Board and is eligible to take the exam.
  2. Accommodations must be submitted to the Board for processing before scheduling an exam (EPPP and/or CPLEE). Applicants can mail or email the form directly to Lavinia.Snyder@dca.ca.gov.
    1. EPPP - Applicants (with an accommodation approved by the Board) can register, request accommodation, and schedule their exam through Certemy. However, applicants that schedule their exam first and request accommodation later will not have ability to apply any accommodations until their existing exam is cancelled. This is a new ASPPB process. EPPP exam cancellations are done through Pearson Vue. Email a copy of the cancellation notice and a request for a new EPPP assignment with accommodations to Lavinia.Snyder@dca.ca.gov.
    2. CPLEE - Exam accommodations are applied automatically provided that the accommodation approval has not expired, and the applicant is eligible to take the CPLEE. Accommodations are directly sent to PSI, Inc. by the Board.
  3. Accommodation approvals are valid one year from the date of approval unless the disability is deemed permanent by the evaluator.
  4. Approval of an accommodation can be applied to both exams, provided the exams are taken before the accommodation expires. Once an accommodation expires, applicants must submit a new request to the Board.
  5. Accommodation approvals do not extend a candidate’s exam eligibility period. Exam eligibility expires one year from the date of approval. Unless the applicant qualifies under the DCA Wavier Extending Time to Satisfy Examination Requirements. For more information about waiver requirements, please visit the Board’s website at https://www.psychology.ca.gov/covid/index.shtml. Any questions regarding exam eligibility must be directed to the Board’s Licensing Unit at (916) 574-7720 option 3 or via email at boplicensing@dca.ca.gov.

For more questions regarding accommodations, email the Board’s Examination Coordinator at Lavinia.Snyder@dca.ca.gov.