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FAQ Regarding the Fingerprint Requirement for Applicants, Registrants and Licensees

As a condition of license or registration renewal, Board of Psychology (Board) licensees and registrants who have not previously submitted fingerprints to the Department of Justice (DOJ) or for whom an electronic fingerprint record does not exist must submit a set of fingerprints to the DOJ, as directed by the Board, for the purpose of conducting a criminal history record check.

The most commonly asked questions are as follows:

1. Do I need to be fingerprinted again?

If you were issued a license or registration prior to 2000 you will be required to submit an electronic record of your fingerprints. In addition, the Board has identified other licensees and psychological associates who may have been issued a license or registration after 2000 that require electronic record of their fingerprints. Notices and the proper forms and instructions were sent to those licensees and registrants in January 2012.

2. My license is currently on inactive status. Do I still need to comply?

No. However, if you decide to reactivate or renew your license on active status you will need to comply with this new requirement.

3. I reside outside of California. Am I still required to complete the Live Scan process?

No; however, you must submit fingerprints via the “hard card” fingerprint method. To request fingerprint hard cards, please contact the Board at bopmail@dca.ca.gov

4. I have previously been electronically fingerprinted (e.g., for a new job or for another licensing Board or agency). Do I need to be fingerprinted again?

Yes. Third parties are not allowed to share confidential fingerprint information (even with other Department of Consumer Affairs agencies). You will need to submit fingerprints through the DOJ for the Board of Psychology even if you have recently been fingerprinted - electronically or otherwise -- for another reason.

5. Where do I go to get fingerprinted?

The DOJ website has a list of authorized Live Scan locations. Please reference the attached link for the nearest Live Scan location: https://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints/locations

6. What is the cost?

The cost varies from each Live Scan location. For more specific information regarding the cost, please contact the Live Scan operator directly.

7. What form do I use?

The form can be found here: Request for Live Scan Service

8. What is the next step after I complete the Live Scan?

Your fingerprints will either be cleared or rejected. The Board will not contact you if your fingerprints are cleared. The Board will contact you with additional instructions if your fingerprints are rejected. Rejections of prints will not delay the renewal process of your license, but it may delay your application for registration or licensure.

If you have additional questions or require more information, you can contact the Board by email at bopmail@dca.ca.gov