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Examination Development

The Board of Psychology (Board) is recruiting qualified licensees to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to participate in an annual, two-day workshop to assist in developing the California Psychology Laws and Ethics Examination (CPLEE).

The Board encourages licensee participation in examination development by serving as SMEs, including new licensees (licensed 5 years or less), as input is needed to maintain standards at the entry level of the profession. Such examinations could not exist without the willingness of the Board's licensees to assist with this important responsibility.

Workshops are held throughout the year in Sacramento, last for two days, starting at 8:30 a.m. and finishing by 5:30 p.m. each day. Types of workshops include:

  • Item Writing: The purpose of this workshop is to develop items for the CPLEE.  Participants will receive training in item writing principles and will work in conjunction with a testing specialist to develop laws and ethics multiple choice questions for the examination.
  • Item Review: The purposes of this workshop are to: 1) review newly-developed items (i.e., standard multiple choice items) for clarity, relevance, and technical accuracy; and 2) evaluate previously used items based on item statistics, candidate comments, etc. Participants will work as a group to ensure that potential items are acceptable for inclusion on future examination forms.
  • Examination Construction: The purpose of this workshop is to select potential items based on the examination plan of the CPLEE. Participants will evaluate items for each content area included in the examination and select those that best represent the knowledge required for entry into the profession.
  • Passing Score: The purpose of this workshop is to establish the passing score for the CPLEE. Under the facilitation of a testing specialist, participants will apply minimum competence standards to establish a criterion-referenced passing score.

Benefits to participation at a 2-day workshop includes a $300.00 per diem fee each day; certification of completion of 12 hours of Continuing Education credit and satisfactory completion of the laws and ethics training required for license renewal. Participants, who travel 50 miles or more each way to workshops will also receive reimbursement for travel expenses pursuant to travel guidelines of the State of California.

To qualify to serve as a Subject Matter Expert, a licensee MUST:

  • Hold a current license as a psychologist (PSY);
  • Be in good standing, having no prior or pending disciplinary actions, and no pending investigations or enforcement actions against them; and
  • Agree to not participate in any examination coaching or preparation activities or teach, train, mentor, or engage in any formal or informal instruction to candidates for licensure in psychology and who has personal and/or financial interest in increased pass rate for your student(s) and/or training institution for which you are employed for a period of two years as stated in the agreement signed with the Board  at the time of participation.

Qualified licensees interested in serving as an examination SME will be notified via email of future workshop dates. For more information or to express interest in becoming a SME, please email BOPExams@dca.ca.gov with your name, license number, phone number and email address.