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Information for Military (Former and Active) and Military Spouse/Partner Applicants and Licensees

Expedited Licensure for Former Military Members and Spouses/Domestic Partners

If you are a former member of the United States Armed Forces (including California National Guard) and received an honorable discharge, or you are the spouse or domestic partner of a current, active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, your application for licensure will be reviewed on an expedited basis.

Former Military Personnel

Please include a copy of your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD-214), which must reflect evidence of an honorable discharge, with your application. Former military personnel are subject to the same licensure requirements (education, examination, and experience) as any other person. Experience you received in the military under the supervision of a licensed Psychologist may be applicable toward your licensure requirements.

Spouses or Domestic Partners of Active Duty Military Personnel

If you are a spouse or domestic partner of a current, active duty member of the United States military and hold a valid license to practice psychology in another U.S. state or territory, and your spouse or domestic partner was assigned to a duty station in California, your application will receive an expedited review.

Please include the following with your licensure application:

  • A written statement and evidence of your relationship (i.e. a copy of your marriage certificate or certified declaration/registration of domestic partnership filed with the Secretary of State).
  • A copy of the military orders establishing that individual’s duty station is in California or a current Leave and Earnings Statement. Resources

How to Apply for Licensure as a Psychologist (Out-of-State Applicants)

  • For Former Military Personnel, see Section A, B, or C (as applicable)
  • For Military Spouses or Domestic Partners, see Section B or C (as applicable)

Licensees Engaged in Active Military Duty

Renewal and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)/Traditional Continuing Education (CE) Requirement Waivers

If you hold a current and valid California Psychologist license and are called to active military duty in the United States Armed Forces (including California National Guard), your CPD/Traditional CE and renewal fee requirement will be waived upon your request. The temporary waiver of those requirements is only available during the time you are on active duty, and during your deployment, you may not provide psychological services to the public. In addition, the Board will automatically renew your license (at no cost to you) if it requires renewal during your active duty.

If you desire to practice with the public during your active duty military service, or the Military Health System requires you to hold an unrestricted active license to practice in a military or federal facility, you will need to hold a current active license, pay the applicable renewal fees, and meet the applicable renewal requirements.

Returning from Active Duty Service

After you receive notice of your discharge date, you must notify the Board in writing of your discharge from active duty within 60 days of receiving your notice of discharge. You should provide the Board with evidence of your discharge date and identify whether you plan to resume practicing psychology during the remainder of your current renewal period.

Additionally, the following conditions apply:

  • Within 60 days after discharge, you are responsible for changing your status from Military Active to either Current or Current Inactive.
    • If you plan to practice psychology with the public upon your return, you will need to reactivate your license by completing the appropriate License Reactivation Application and submitting the applicable fees.
    • If your discharge date is within 60 days of the end of your current licensure period, you are exempt from the payment of any renewal fees for the current renewal cycle.
  • If your exemption request is denied, in whole or in part, by the Board shall complete any CPD requirements within 120 days of the notification that the request was denied.
  • You will be responsible for meeting the Laws and Ethics requirement set out in section 1397.61.1(b), and the Cultural Diversity and/or Social Justice requirement set out in section 1397.61.1(c).


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