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Reactivating an Inactive License


In order to reactivate an inactive license, 36 hours of approved continuing education are required. A maximum of 27 (75%) of the 36 hours may be completed through independent learning methods. These hours of coursework must have been completed no more than 24 months prior to the date of reactivation.


If the reactivation occurs at the regularly scheduled renewal date, the licensee merely needs to check the "Active" box on the renewal form and submit the form with the active renewal fee of $420.

If the reactivation occurs prior to the regularly scheduled renewal date, the reactivation fee will be $16.67 for each month, or portion of any month, remaining in the license cycle (from the postmark date) + $10.00; (e.g. reactivation documentation (application, payment and CE certificates) postmarked in January, expiration date of April 30th = 4 months x $16.67 = $66.68 + $10.00 = $76.68)

Postmark month of Reactivation Documents:  
# of months remaining in license cycle (including postmark month):  
x $16.67
+ $10.00
Total Due:  


The License Reactivation Form can be located on our web site at www.psychology.ca.gov under the Licensing & Registration section. You can also obtain a License Reactivation Form by calling (916) 574-7720 Option 4. If you have questions regarding this process, you can e-mail them to bopmail@dca.ca.gov.