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Board Meeting Agenda

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California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street, Namaste Hall
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 575-6100

Board Members

Michael Erickson, Ph.D., President
Miguel Gallardo, Psy.D, Vice-President
Lucille Acquaye-Baddoo, Public Member
Johanna Arias-Bhatia, Public Member
Andrew Harlem, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Horn, Ph.D.
Nicole Jones, Public Member
Stephen Phillips, Psy.D.
Linda Starr, Public Member

Legal Counsel

Norine Marks

Board Staff

Antonette Sorrick, Executive Officer
Jeffrey Thomas, Assistant Executive Officer
Sandra Monterrubio, Enforcement Program Manager
Karen Johnson, Licensing Coordinator
Jonathan Burke, Administrative Coordinator
Colette McDowell, Continuing Education/Renewals Coordinator

Thursday - Friday, August 21-22, 2014

This meeting will be webcast. A link to the webcast will be available on the Board's Web site at 9:00a.m., August 21-22, 2014, or you may access it at:
https://thedcapage.wordpress.com/webcasts/. Links to agenda items with attachments are available at www.psychology.ca.gov, prior to the meeting date.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

9:30 a.m. – OPEN SESSION

Unless noticed for a specific time, items may be heard at any time during the period of the Board meeting.

The Board welcomes and encourages public participation in its meetings. The public may take appropriate opportunities to comment on any issue before the Board at the time the item is heard. If public comment is not specifically requested, members of the public should feel free to request an opportunity to comment.

Call To Order/Roll Call/Establishment of a Quorum

1. President’s Welcome

2. Swearing In of Board Members

3. Approval of Minutes: May 15-16, 2014 Board Meeting

4. Approval of Minutes: June 17, 2014 Board Meeting

10:00 a.m. – Petition Hearing

5. Petition for Early Termination of Probation – Michael A. Lindsay, PhD

The Board will meet in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(c) (3) to discuss and vote on the above matter and other disciplinary matters including stipulations and proposed decisions.

6. Budget Report (J. Burke)

7. Enforcement Report (S. Monterrubio)


Committees will meet to discuss those issues that will be addressed by the full Board during the committee report, presented by the committee chairperson.

A quorum of the Board may be present at the Committee meetings. Board members who are not on the Committee may observe, but may not participate or vote. Each committee meeting will begin with voluntary introduction of attendees.

Licensing Committee – (Horn – Chairperson, Phillips, Arias-Bhatia)

a. Application Report (K. Johnson)
b. Examination Report (K. Johnson)
c. Renewal Report (C. McDowell)
d. Continuing Education Report (C. McDowell)
e. Discuss Limitations of Exemption Period Granted Under Business and Professions Code Section 2910 and Welfare & Institutions Code Section 5751.2 (K. Johnson/J. Burke)
f. Licensing Action Plan – Proposed Improvements to the Licensing Process - Update (K. Johnson)
g. ASPPB Update (J. Horn)

1. ASPPB Annual Meeting Agenda

h. Regulation Update, Review and Action, as Necessary (J. Burke/C. McDowell)

1. Title 16, CCR, Sections 1397.60, 1397.61, 1397.62, 1397.67 – Definitions, Continuing Education Requirements, Continuing Education Exemptions and Exceptions, Renewal after Inactive or Delinquent Status

i.Public comment for items not on the agenda
j. Closed Session – the Licensing Committee will meet in Closed Session Pursuant to Government Code Section 11126 (c) (2). Review Request for Exemption of the Human Sexuality Pre-Licensing Course Requirement.

8. Licensing Committee Report – Horn (refer to committee items above)

Policy and Advocacy Committee – (Jones – Chairperson, Erickson, Harlem)

a) Legislation Update, Review and Action, as Necessary (J. Burke)

1) AB 186 (Maienschein) – Professions and Vocations: Military Spouses: Temporary Licenses. (Position)
2) AB 790 (Gomez) – Child Abuse Reporting (Position)
3) AB 809 (Logue) – Healing Arts: Telehealth (Position)
4) AB 1505 (Garcia) – Child Abuse: Mandated Reporters (Position)
5) AB 1640 (Jones/Sawyer) – Sex Offenders: Registration (Position)
6) AB 1702 (Maienschein) – Professions and Vocations: Incarceration (Position)
7) AB 1758 (Patterson) – Healing arts: License Renewal Fees (Position)
8) AB 1843 (Gordon/Jones) – Child Custody Evaluations (Position)
9) AB 2041 (Jones) – Developmental Services: Regional Centers (Position)
10) AB 2058 (Wilk) – Open Meetings (Position)
11) AB 2198 (Levine) – Mental Health Professionals and Suicide Prevention (Position)
12) AB 2396 (Bonta) – Convictions: Expungement: Licenses (Position)
13) SB 570 (DeSaulnier) – Advanced Alcohol and Drug Licensing Act (Position)
14) SB 1159 (Lara) – License Applicants: Federal Tax Identification (Position)
15) SB 1466 (DeSaulnier) – Health Care Coverage (Position)
16) 2014 Legislative Calendar

b) Update Regarding the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act    (CANRA) and Mandated Reporting - Penal Code Sections 261.5, 288, and 11165.1 (J. Burke)
c) Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda

9. Policy and Advocacy Committee Report – Jones (refer to committee items above)

Friday, August 22, 2014


10. Regulatory Hearing – Title 16, CCR, Section 1397.12 – Uniform Standards Related to Substance Abuse and Disciplinary Guidelines (M. Erickson)

11. Adoption of Amendments to Title 16, CCR, Section 1397.12 – Uniform Standards Related to Substance Abuse and Disciplinary Guidelines (M. Erickson)


12. Regulatory Hearing - Title 16, CCR, Sections 1388, 1388.6, 1389, 1392 –Examinations, License Requirements and Waiver of Examination, Reconsideration of Examinations, Psychologist Fees (M. Erickson)

13. Adoption of Amendments to Title 16, CCR, Sections 1388, 1388.6, 1389, 1392 –Examinations, License Requirements and Waiver of Examination, Reconsideration of Examinations, Psychologist Fees (M. Erickson)

14. Licensing Presentation (J. Horn)

a) Overview of the Psychological Assistant Application Process (K. Johnson)
b) YouTube Video – Psychological Assistant Application (K. Johnson)
c) Q&A (All)

Outreach and Education Committee (Gallardo – Chairperson, Acquaye-Baddoo, Starr)

a) Strategic Plan Update (A. Sorrick)
b) Communications Plan Update (A. Sorrick)
c) Social Media Update (J. Burke)
d) Website Update (J. Burke)
e) Newsletter (A. Sorrick)
f) Outreach Activities Update (A. Sorrick)
g) Public comment for items not on the agenda

15. Outreach and Education Committee Report – Gallardo (refer to committee items above)

16. President’s Report (M. Erickson)

a) Ad Hoc Committee Update

1) Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Task Force
2) Sunset Review Committee

b) Executive Officer Evaluation
c) 2014-15 Meeting Calendar and Locations
d) Other Informational Items

17. Executive Officer’s Report (A. Sorrick)

a) Organizational Update
b) CPS Program Analysis Update
c) Other Informational Items

18. Recommendations for Agenda Items for Future Board Meetings

19. Public Comment for Items not on the Agenda

20. Adjournment

All times are approximate and subject to change. The meeting may be canceled or changed without notice. For verification, please check the Board’s Web site at www.psychology.ca.gov, or call (916) 574-7720. Action may be taken on any item on the agenda. Items may be taken out of order, tabled or held over to a subsequent meeting, and items scheduled to be heard on Thursday may be held over to Friday, items scheduled to be heard on Friday may be moved up to Thursday, for convenience, to accommodate speakers, or to maintain a quorum.

Meetings of the Board of Psychology are open to the public except when specifically noticed otherwise in accordance with the Open Meeting Act. The public may take appropriate opportunities to comment on any issue before the Board at the time the item is heard, but the President may, at his discretion, apportion available time among those who wish to speak.

The meeting is accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs a disability-related accommodation or modification in order to participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Antonette Sorrick, Executive Officer, at (916) 574-7720 or email bopmail@dca.ca.gov or send a written request addressed to 1625 N. Market Boulevard, Suite N-215, Sacramento, CA 95834. Providing your request at least five (5) business days before the meeting will help ensure availability of the requested accommodation.