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The Board's Regulation sections are contained in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 16 of Division 13, Articles 1-10. You can download the current laws and regulations book here.

Regulation Advisories

Psychological Associates (2016 Sunset Conforming Changes) Advisory

Retired License Regulation Advisory

Continuing Professional Development Regulation Advisory

Fee Increase Regulation Advisory

Telehealth FAQ

Standards of Practice for Telehealth Regulation Advisory

AB 2138 Regulation Advisory

Verification of Experience Form and Supervision Agreement Regulation Advisory

Uniform Standards Related to Substance Abuse and Disciplinary Guidelines Regulation Advisory

Filing of Addresses Regulation Advisory

Proposed Regulations

Inactive Status of Psychological Associate Registration

This regulatory proposal would add sections 1391.13 and 1391.14 to Title 16, Division 13.1, Article 5.1 to the California Code of Regulations. The proposal will allow a registered psychological associate to request their registration be placed on an inactive status.

Approved Regulations

Withdrawn Regulation

Updated 04/04/2024