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Board Meeting Agenda

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Call To Order/Roll Call/Establishment of a Quorum


1. PELOQUIN, Paul, Ph.D. - Petition for Reinstatement

CLOSED SESSION (upon conclusion of Administrative Hearing)

The Board will meet in closed session pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(c)(3) to discuss and vote on this matter and other disciplinary matters including stipulations and proposed decisions.


The public may take appropriate opportunities to comment on any issue before the Board at the time the item is heard.

2. Approval of Minutes for February 26 & 27, 2010, Board Meeting

3. Director's Report by Department of Consumer Affairs Representative

4. Presentation Regarding Telepsychology by Carol Falender, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles

5. Credentials - (Rodolfa)

a) Strategic Plan Progress Report
b) Satisfaction Survey Results
c) Review of Proposed Changes to California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 13.1, Article 1 (General Provisions), Article 2 (Applications), Article 3 (Education and Experience), Article 4 (Examination), Article 5 (Registered Psychologists), 5.1 (Psychological Assistants) and Article 6 (Fees)
d) Discussion Regarding Licensing of Psychologists Practicing in Non-Mental Health Areas and the Barriers to Accruing Supervised Professional Experience
e) Review Supervision Agreement Form and Supervision Agreement Fact Sheet
f) Review Request for Waiver of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) Agreement for Interns in APA and APPIC settings
g) Review Notice for Prospective Psychology Students of Approved Schools
h) Discussion Regarding Continuing Education Requirements for Licensees Whose Expired License is Cancelled After Three Years
i) Status Report on Applicant Credentials Reviewed by the Credentials Committee Since the February 26 - 27, 2010 Board Meeting

6. Examination - (Rodolfa)

a) Strategic Plan Progress Report
b) Examination Statistics
c) Review of Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form

7. Legislation - (Vazquez)

a) Strategic Plan Progress Report
b) SB 1111 (Negrete McLeod) - Regulatory Boards (Consumer Protection Enforcement Initiative (CPEI)
c) SB 1171 (Negrete McLeod) - Regulatory Boards: Operations
d) AB 1659 (Huber) - State Government: Agency Repeals
e) AB 1889 (Portantino) - California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009
f) AB 2028 (Hernandez) - Confidentiality of Medical Information: Disclosure
g) AB 2191 (Emmerson) - Healing Arts: Board of Behavioral Sciences: Licensure
h) AB 2339 (Smyth) Child Abuse Reporting
i) AB 2380 (Lowenthal) - Child Abuse Reporting
j) AB 2435 (Lowenthal) - Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse
k) Legislative Update on Other Bills of Interest to the Board

8. Enforcement - (Vazquez)

a) Strategic Plan Progress Report
b) Enforcement Statistics
c) Expert Review Program Update
d) Consumer Protection Enforcement Initiative (CPEI) - Consideration of Regulatory Amendments for Disciplinary Matters and to Define Additional Bases of Unprofessional Conduct (provisions formerly contained in SB 1111)
e) Uniform Standards Regarding Substance-Abusing Healing Arts Licensees - Consideration of Regulatory Amendments to Disciplinary Guidelines

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Call To Order/Roll Call/Establishment of a Quorum

9. President's Report

a) California Psychological Association Annual Conference
b) Diversity Conference
c) California Association of Local Mental Health Boards & Commissions
d) Other Informational Items

10. Executive Officer's Report

a) Staff Update
b) Budget Update
c) Board Operations
d) 2011 Board Calendar
e) Outreach Update
f) Other Informational Items

11. Continuing Education - (Sherman)

a) Strategic Plan Progress Report
b) Continuing Education Statistics
c) Review Prescribing Psychologists' Register, Inc. Request to Provide an Accrediting Function for Continuing Education Providers

12. Regulation Update, Review and Action as Necessary

a) Proposed Amendments to Title 16, California Code of Regulations Section 1391.1 Psychological Assistant Limitation of Registration Period
b) Proposed Amendments to Title 16, California Code of Regulations Sections 1381.7, 1381.8 and 1381.9 - Disclosure of Discipline and Criminal Convictions
c) Proposed Amendments to Title 16, California Code of Regulations Sections 1397.60-1397.71 - Continuing Education Provider System

13. Board Member Ethics Training by Norine Marks, Senior Staff Counsel

14. Election of Officers

a) President
b) Vice-President

15. Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda

16. Recommendations for Agenda Items for Future Board Meetings


All times are approximate and subject to change. The meeting may be canceled or changed without notice. For verification, please check the Board's website at www.psychology.ca.gov, or call (916) 263-2699. Action may be taken on any item on the agenda. Items may be taken out of order for convenience, to accommodate speakers, or maintain a quorum.

Meetings of the Board of Psychology are open to the public except when specifically noticed otherwise in accordance with the Open Meeting Act. The public may take appropriate opportunities to comment on any issue before the Board at the time the item is heard, but the President may, at his discretion, apportion available time among those who wish to speak.

The meeting is accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs a disability-related accommodation or modification in order to participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Robert Kahane, Executive Officer, at (916) 263-2699 or email bopmail@dca.ca.gov or send a written request addressed to 2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1400, Sacramento, CA 95815-3894. Providing your request at least five (5) business days before the meeting will help ensure availability of the requested accommodation. Any other requests relating to the board meeting should be directed to Diana Crosby at the same address and telephone number. Questions regarding this agenda should be directed to Robert Kahane, Executive Officer, at the Board's office in Sacramento.

This agenda as well as Board meeting minutes can be found at the Board's website at www.psychology.ca.gov.